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Indie Filmmaking

Articles & downloadable resources for those who are interested in creating fictional or factual low-budget films.

Writing a Promotional Video Voiceover

It’s very easy to take your website description and turn that into a script. However, writing for video is a different technique to crafting an informative read. It’s a lot like a speech but with a magical visual aid. Some Subjective Advice No one wants to be talked at for the entire video. Think of…

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Where to Find Good Video Background Music

It’s a struggle right? Everything you like is going to shut down your YouTube channel. It’s time to whip out the ukulele ‘Audiojungle’ bangers and join the rest of the ‘get rich quick’ creators. Not so fast! This article will help you choose better music and make the internet a safer place for your audience’s…

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Video Production 101

Educational, tutorial & inspirational articles for aspiring videographers.

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Animation 101

*Coming Soon* Learn how to create fun animated videos with your Adobe package and lots of cups of coffee.

Start Animating! (The Process)

Creating an animation is a great way to express ideas, generate sales, but also convey emotions and connect with other people. There’s a lot of work that goes into the animation process, and it’s very important to ensure that you identify the ideal steps you must follow in order to complete the animation. With that in…

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After Effects Shortcuts that Speed up Workflow

Using Adobe After Effects is very fun, exciting and it allows you to bring your ideas to life. The downside that comes from this is that it can be very tricky to maintain a fast workflow without using shortcuts. These can help speed up the process and bring in great results. It’s definitely important to…

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Get Your Video Made in Nottingham

Videos are some of the best content you can make if you want to connect with your audience. Not only are they short and informative, but they can easily be shared and boost your exposure. With that in mind, creating the right videos for your audience can be very challenging. It’s a very good idea…

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Create a Website & Promote Your Video 

One of the best ways to increase your exposure online is to create your own website with an engaging video. In fact, it’s essential. This way customers can access your products without having to worry that your business is closed. It’s a great way to deliver a powerful, engaging shopping experience, and results can be…

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