Let’s Bring Back Sophie

In 2015-16, our director & videographer Ed created a feature length web-series which premiered at Nottingham Arts Theatre and went on to receive an award and two nominations at the CSFF Celebrate Awards.

Despite this project existing 5 years before the founding of Spinning Shapes, it’s a worthy mention. LBBS set Ed off to University and introduced him to Jak, who designed the posters that were plastered around the streets of Nottingham. Jak and Ed now work together on Spinning Shapes advertising campaigns for Notts and beyond.

Let’s Bring Back Sophie is a six part web series about a group of college students whose lives are changed after a mysterious disappearance in a dysfunctional teenage Nottingham.

Sophie was made by likeminded college students and screened in feature film format at Nottingham Arts Theatre for Teenage Cancer Trust.

With a run time of 10-15 minutes per episode, the internet based drama centres around the efforts taken by Sophie’s closest friend Robin, his friend Ellie and a group of local youngsters to discover the truth.

The show is 25% crowdfunded, the other 75% a generous sponsorship from Nottingham Forest’s Grass Roots Youth Academy.

You can click here to watch the popular YouTube edition (episodic). Or, don’t leave this page and watch the full hour length edition here:

The series is cast by Nottingham’s notorious Television Workshop and in association with Confetti College and various Notts businesses.

Morris Findley, the leading actor and associate producer still works with Ed, Jak & Spinning Shapes today, helping to create films, providing his acting & voiceover services for promotional videos and starring in short documentaries.