Hollywell Primary School

This video was created in response to COVID-19! A primary school is not the first client that springs to mind when you mention ‘promotional videos’. With parents deciding only to visit the best schools on their list, we thought that a heartwarming website video would capture the essence of the school and set it apart from the others in the area, where you can only view pictures of classrooms.

Our director & videographer Ed recently ventured to Kimberly in Nottinghamshire holding his FS700 & Atomos setup. Hollywell weren’t set on any idea, but had chosen a filming date that was plentiful in activities and asked us to turn up and film the majority of b-roll.

We ended up shooting the entire video in one day, as there were so many activities taking place at once! Primary schools in the UK are still extremely underfunded, contrasting the importance of educating young minds. With little budget left for promoting the school, we knew our video had to transform their website and allow parents to imagine their children at Hollywell. It was important that we showcased the school’s driven attitude towards results by asking the right interview questions, adding lots of bonus topics to that list after having some fun filming outside and watching lessons in classrooms.

A piece of advice for filmmakers:

When shooting interview based videos, make sure to gather all your b-roll first. You should always have questions prepared, but sometimes the best answers come from describing something you’ve taken an interest in whilst filming. Perhaps you’ve got that perfect shot to end the film. Ask your interviewee a question that relates to the shot!