Nottingham Forest FC

Our director Ed had the pleasure of directing and editing two videos for Nottingham Forest’s Academy with the help of two talented camera operators. Alex Butler (Sony FS700) still works with us today on large projects that require a dedicated cinematographer.

As the video represents the beginning of Alex and Ed’s professional relationship, it’s only right that we include it in our list of projects!

All of us were young at the time and have improved massively. Today, Ed can manifest a lot more than just text on screen! This project was created to fund a cinematic web-series in 2016, a successful film project that resulted in regular collaboration amongst the crew. Most of that crew now work with Spinning Shapes on large projects around the UK.

We had a little more time with the goalkeepers as they trained for longer that day. The promotional video had to have a balance of outfield and GK training so we ended up with a lot of spare footage. Hang on a second… Let’s make a fun montage for all future Forest goalies.

We’ve learned so much since creating these videos. We’ve got to a stage where our projects feel timeless. Our video quality is always fantastic, the end result is always triple checked and the style is always up to date. When producing these, we had incredibly limited resources! Times have definitely changed!