Clusta is a new kind of text, a note taking platform and a research tool in one.It’s the new way to write things down… Here is the first of many Spinning Shapes animations for Clusta!A tutorial for the original closed beta release: This is a tutorial style video with screen recordings and simple text-helpers! ThisContinue reading “Clusta.”

Virtual Futures | Enactus NTU

Spinning Shapes have been working with Nottingham Trent University’s Enactus team to create a virtual reality experience that tackles knife crime. The end product will be an interactive film that teaches teenagers about knife crime, first aid and helps students develop emotional intelligence in a safe environment. We also created this short documentary style videoContinue reading “Virtual Futures | Enactus NTU”

Hollywell Primary School

This video was created in response to COVID-19! A primary school is not the first client that springs to mind when you mention ‘promotional videos’. With parents deciding only to visit the best schools on their list, we thought that a heartwarming website video would capture the essence of the school and set it apartContinue reading “Hollywell Primary School”

The Thomas Cranmer Centre

Our videographer Ed visited the hall/event space with the intention of capturing the essence of Aslockton and portraying the centre as a venue quaint enough for yoga and large enough for weddings. Videos like these are some of the smallest packages that we offer. Montages are great at showcasing places and products in ways thatContinue reading “The Thomas Cranmer Centre”

Podcast 123

An infographic typography based animation advertising a new business and service that can create podcasts for anyone in three easy steps. This video is the main feature on their website. Podcast 123 is a business idea by The Creation Lab’s Matt Soper and TV personality Pat Sharp. Our founder Ed worked on lots of funContinue reading “Podcast 123”

Electric Vehicles

This client had a statement to make about their electric van’s ability to drive over 300 miles without stopping. Our director and videographer Ed created this fun animated video to loop silently on TV’s at their sales centre and released it online as part of their social media campaign. This animation and the typography videoContinue reading “Electric Vehicles”

Hurts in the Headphones

This short documentary was created in 2019 by director Edward Fleming alongside talented cinematographer and editor Bruce Mann-McClernon. We take a look inside the mind and studio space of Adrian Todd, an eccentric musician, video-maker and dreamer. Also onboard with some sound recording is Ivan Friedman, who is a talented musician and sound specialist thatContinue reading “Hurts in the Headphones”

Luxury Fashion

A short documentary about sustainability in luxury fashion. This educational film features interviews with both prestigious and controversial figures in the fashion industry. This practice-based dissertation by Viviane Melo from Ravensbourne investigates the growth of sustainability and its relation to marketing in luxury fashion. The documentary was directed by our director Edward for her researchContinue reading “Luxury Fashion”

The Road Back

This short documentary was created by Alex Brown, who works with Ed on our ‘Different Shoes’ documentary series. He decided to tell Dylan’s inspiring story through descriptive interviews, abstract imagery and sound design. Ed not only conducted the sound design, but composed the film. The electronic score was created to match each stage of Dylan’sContinue reading “The Road Back”

Nottingham Forest FC

Our director Ed had the pleasure of directing and editing two videos for Nottingham Forest’s Academy with the help of two talented camera operators. Alex Butler (Sony FS700) still works with us today on large projects that require a dedicated cinematographer. As the video represents the beginning of Alex and Ed’s professional relationship, it’s onlyContinue reading “Nottingham Forest FC”