Ed’s Music Production Services

All services can be provided exclusively online. For larger projects I am available in London or Nottingham on occasion.


I am all ears at any stage of music creation. Ableton Live and help from iZotope and various high end digital plugins enable me to create electronically produced music (with session based instruments upon request), mix vocals and stems with ease and turn up your tracks for Spotify.

My services alike my studies are digital based, a client will receive an audio file of their agreed product upon completion plus improved stems (if I receive stems to work with) so it can be sent to a mastering studio for physical/vinyl release. Instrumental versions, exports to your liking can be arranged upon request.

Music Production (Includes Instrumental Mastering)

One Track
EP or Official Motion Picture Soundtrack (Two – Five Tracks)
Album (Up To 15 Tracks)
Just Need One Instrument? (Digital Synths, Samples, Midi Drums)

I am able to electronically produce a range of popular genres, my most experienced styles being hip-hop, trap, Lo-Fi and variants of house. If you are a vocalist, I can continue the project post recording stage and mix for a discounted rate. Artists looking to swap out their free/purchased beat for an original can send me stems to work with, remix, fix or recreate. I can organise session based play from talented colleagues if additional physical instruments are required for a discussable rate (guitar, bass and keys are available within the walls of my house).

Please contact projects@spinningshapes.com with your attached track, idea. or film if possible via a WeTransfer link.

Mixing and mastering services are available for a reduced fee if the instrumental is sent back with added vocals or other instruments (applies to musical artists).

Mixing / Mastering for Streaming Platforms
Send me a track, EP or album at any stage post creation in the form of stems (an audio file for each instrument/vocal) or even a single clip if necessary and I will undertake the necessary steps needed to finish your project ready for digital release.