Online Video Ad Campaigns

Getting people talking is how we solve problems. 

Videos are by far the most engaging way to promote anything digitally.

Spinning Shapes create video marketing campaigns that start conversations.

We develop insightful ideas to ensure that your brand resonates with your audience and you – engaging in ways that your competitors wouldn’t dare to.

Creative communication for brands that matter.

Our video advertising campaigns come with great graphics to match.

We strive for effective online advertising that gets people talking.

Your brand awareness shouldn’t distract you from what you do best. So leave it with us to develop what’s right for you and get you the needed attention for your business. 

Our services include Advertising, Brand Development, Copywriting, Conceptual Thinking, Design, Strategy and Video Production. 

Jak McKinley-Good: Strategist

Through the power of copywriting, our strategist Jak delivers uplifting, effective messaging that leaves those that see it with a smile or weep, depending on the brief. However, he holds the firm belief that his role is that of a professional attention seeker. 

We’re not afraid to push the boundaries for ideas because sometimes it takes being unconventional to get the results you need. Others settle for average. 

Not entirely sure what any of that means? Drop us a message with what you’re struggling with, and we’ll get back to you.