A Message from Ed – Spinning Shapes Founder

Hi! My name is Edward Fleming and I am the founding director of Spinning Shapes.

I have been interested in digital media since I started making little movies at 11-years-old, undertaking an extended diploma in TV and Film production. At college I produced, directed and edited a crowdfunded feature length web series, winning an award for best director and earning a place at Ravensbourne University London to study Digital Film Production. There, I created music videos, short films, documentaries, and corporate videos. I became fascinated by audio: manning the university’s radio station, producing albums under an artist-alias and audio engineering at an underground level.

My audio expertise allows us to incorporate cinematic sound design into any project, a commonly overlooked specialty that most small production companies and all marketing agencies fail to consider. Try watching a horror movie without sound, I bet you won’t be scared!

After graduating, I worked for a marketing agency in South East London for two years as their videographer. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I taught myself how to animate and came up with the idea to create typography videos for their clients. I moved back to Nottingham towards the end of lockdown and still worked full time remotely, creating animation after animation, constantly coming up with new video ideas that don’t actually require a camera!

I’ve known that I’d make videos for a living since I was a child. I’m so happy to be the proud owner of a production company that specialises in my hobby and offers services that I can provide myself. Although I take great pride in my network of talented creatives and film school alumni, I enjoy the creative process of every service we offer and love to get stuck in on all aspects.

If you are reading this and wish to enquire about a video, I can promise you that a company built on knowledge of film production will create a cinematic, fun and unique product. I do have marketing experience and I can tell you that it’s not all about following a generic format – to stand out your video needs to be professionally made, to the point and true to your audience.

If your video isn’t captivating, that means we haven’t finished it yet. Your staple video isn’t a product that should be churned out or mass produced, let us approach it from a cinematic perspective, not just a marketing one.

– Ed