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Bespoke, on-brand explainer videos & motion infographic services for all industries.

We can create an animated explainer video for you, just like this one:

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We utilise our client’s logos, colours, fonts and preferred tone of voice. We will source and design 2D icons that suit your branding and fill the animation with visual aids. If we have to create a 3D product, object or character from scratch, we will.

Need some examples?

We use typography in almost every animated project – this is because many people are visual learners. As Pat speaks in the video above, text appears at the same time and illustrations are creatively animated to further each point and help the viewer enjoy the video experience.

This client had a statement to make about their electric van’s ability to drive over 300 miles without stopping. We created this fun animated video to loop silently on TV’s at their sales centre and released it online as part of their social media campaign.

We also created a typography video to promote their new website & electric taxi which you can watch by clicking here.

For this service explainer video, we collaborated on a script with the client and encouraged him to record the voiceover as he is the face of the business. After making a live-action promotional video that’s all about him, the next best step was to explain the service creatively and in depth.

All Spinning Shapes animation rates depend entirely on the complexity of each project.

Feel free to pitch us your idea or tell us about you and we’ll happily brainstorm for you.

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