Start Animating! (The Process)

Creating an animation is a great way to express ideas, generate sales, but also convey emotions and connect with other people. There’s a lot of work that goes into the animation process, and it’s very important to ensure that you identify the ideal steps you must follow in order to complete the animation. With that inContinue reading “Start Animating! (The Process)”

After Effects Shortcuts that Speed up Workflow

Using Adobe After Effects is very fun, exciting and it allows you to bring your ideas to life. The downside that comes from this is that it can be very tricky to maintain a fast workflow without using shortcuts. These can help speed up the process and bring in great results. It’s definitely important toContinue reading “After Effects Shortcuts that Speed up Workflow”

Is Adobe After Effects the Best Option?

If you’re looking to create a great 2D animation, then it’s imperative to have the right tools available. That’s where the need for Adobe After Effects comes into play. This tool is great for compositing, motion graphics, but also digital visual effects. It’s extremely dependable and efficient, and you can use it to really pushContinue reading “Is Adobe After Effects the Best Option?”

How to Spin a Shape in After Effects

First day in Adobe AE CC? This is for you. This super quick video guide will show you how to spin anything using the ‘rotate’ and ‘Easy Ease’ features: It’s important to know where everything is before you know what everything does, that’s why this video keeps shortcuts to a minimum and shows you whereContinue reading “How to Spin a Shape in After Effects”