Create a Website & Promote Your Video 

One of the best ways to increase your exposure online is to create your own website with an engaging video. In fact, it’s essential. This way customers can access your products without having to worry that your business is closed. It’s a great way to deliver a powerful, engaging shopping experience, and results can be very impressive. With that being said, creating a website is only the first part of the promotional process. If you want the utmost exposure and growth, then you should also acquire a professional video too.

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The homepage of your website is so important. Don’t make your audience wait to click on an ‘About’ page. Let them click a play button and learn everything relevant about you and your products/services. It’s memorable and engaging.

Why do you need to have a video on your website?

Videos are great because they get to inform customers and you can also share your story with them. On top of that, text and imagery are great, but videos are the easiest to share. People also tend to have a much better engagement rate with videos, just because anyone can watch a video and understand what it is about. When it comes to reading, some people dislike that and just prefer to watch a video instead. 

What this means is that if you are adding a bespoke video to your website, you get to cater to the audience in a great manner, and the experience can be incredible. That’s what makes it well worth it, the unique attention to detail and the fact that when you upload a video, it connects with your audience a whole lot better than any other medium.

Are videos the right medium to promote your business?

Hiring a production company like us to create a bespoke video is ideal, because we put a face to your name. We help boost your exposure and bring in front a much better return on investment. To make things even better, videos also reassure customers that you deliver the best value and quality, and the products you are selling really deliver the value they expect.

On top of that, your film gives the assurance that the products are real too, not just an image. There are many times when companies just share an image without actively showing the product working. However, a bespoke video takes care of that and it conveys a very good experience for your customers. 

Additionally, bespoke videos are memorable, people remember them and that alone prolongs the value of your business. They will get back to you and even buy some of your products. That alone shows how powerful custom videos can be, which is why you have to give them a try for yourself.


One thing is certain, creating a website is a very good idea (& essential in 2022). However, if you want to make it shine and generate leads and customers, you must add a great video. Creating a bespoke video will help boost your exposure, while also addressing customer concerns. Even better, it inspires trust in the minds of your potential customers, since they actively see those people behind the company name and even check the product working properly. As you can see, having a great video can help your business immensely. If you are in the UK, don’t hesitate to hire the best video production company in Nottingham today!

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