Free LUTs for Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Avid & DaVinci

Well, the title promises it! If you know what your doing, scroll down and click the links.

If you are an aspiring colourist, I’d strongly recommend using these as a reference point rather than a final product. We believe that LUTs (Look Up Table) are for those who need to achieve a beautiful result quickly with the help of a preset (a lot like an Instagram filter). If you are a video-maker that isn’t passionate about colour grading, that’s fine too!

If you don’t know much about LUTs or colour grading in general, this article by will help you understand the process.

Never installed a LUT? In Premiere Pro CC, it’s as simple as dragging your file onto the Lumetri colour panel. This article by tells you about installing for all the big editing giants (Avid, Premiere, DaVinci & Final Cut)

Quick tip: Store all your downloaded LUTs in one folder. You don’t want to be worrying about your projects whilst clearing out your downloads.

If you have the time (and love your cinematography), watch a few tutorials and have a go at grading yourself! You will be surprised how much you can bring flat footage to life. Anyway, LUTs aren’t the enemy! Here’s a bunch of free sources to choose from:

Sony LUTs

On their official website, Sony have a page dedicated to in-house and 3rd party LUTs that look great when paired with a Sony camera. Do you use Sony? If so, it’s worth a look! Click here.

Mild LUTs


These four LUTs are relatively mild. Download them and test them on your project. Despite the user naming the first LUT ‘Gritty City’. Its cold tones could be repurposed for any film that wishes to give off a metallic blue vibe.

Western Luts

Are you making the next big cowboy film? It doesn’t matter. Remember, LUTs are stylistic templates that can be applied to any shot. Like what you see? Download!

Wedding Video Luts

This YouTuber is offering some dreamy wedding video inspired luts for Final Cut and Premiere. The only condition is that you have to subscribe. Click here if you think it’s worth it.

Travel/Scenic LUTs

This YouTuber has created a video showcasing some ‘travel’ LUTs that they have made. Remember, these creators have labelled their luts based on what they created the preset for. You can use any lut for any project!

You can see examples here:

To save you a few clicks, you can download all of those luts from this link.

Colour Grading Central

CGC are offering 70 free LUTs (2021), what’s not to like? If you are just testing out the process or having fun with it, download them all and check your shots out in various styles.

Click here to download!

Lots of free downloads here. This time you can choose from five packs and an extra option to download them all!

  • Subtle Film
  • Summer Warmth
  • Scandi Cool
  • Milky Blacks
  • Black & White

No sign up needed! Click here to visit the site.