Where to Find Good Video Background Music

It’s a struggle right? Everything you like is going to shut down your YouTube channel. It’s time to whip out the ukulele ‘Audiojungle’ bangers and join the rest of the ‘get rich quick’ creators.

Not so fast! This article will help you choose better music and make the internet a safer place for your audience’s ears

Option 1 | The Free Solution

So, you’ve got no budget. No problem. Have you visited YouTube’s Audio Library? Visit your YouTube studio and you’ll see it on the left! It may take some time to find a good song but use the categories to your advantage and everything will be just fine. I’d recommend typing in a mood rather than an instrument or genre. What vibe do you want to give off? Search it!

If you browse like a spider, you will eventually discover lots of free music sources. Some bandcamp artists accept free downloads and list their projects as CC (Creative Commons). This means you can use it in your video or short film. If you’ve found the perfect song, make sure to message the artist asking for permission. Most musicians on Bandcamp and Soundcloud will be happy that you love their song enough to repurpose!

Option 2 | The Paid Solution

At Spinning Shapes, we currently use Epidemic Sound for music production. Sites like this allow you to pay monthly and utilise a countless array of genres and style. Because our package is unlimited, we can download lots of different songs and watch our videos back with each. It’s great to give a client some options! Sometimes we produce music ourselves or hire a close friend that matches the project. Completely bespoke songs are more captivating and will always top a purchased track! If you have a friend that makes music, why not ask them to help you out?

For individual video creators and students, we recommend Envato Elements as it contains a wide range of video effects, graphics and animation presets. Most music on Envato is created for corporate purposes and is not as well crafted and creative as Epidemic Sound. It’s a fantastic option for those willing to kill two birds with one stone. If you are looking for ‘good’ music, dedicated platforms like Epidemic and Bandcamp are the way to go!

This article is not sponsored at all and is simply opinion based on experience, there are lots of free and paid music platforms available!