How to Spin a Shape in After Effects

First day in Adobe AE CC? This is for you. This super quick video guide will show you how to spin anything using the ‘rotate’ and ‘Easy Ease’ features:

It’s important to know where everything is before you know what everything does, that’s why this video keeps shortcuts to a minimum and shows you where to click. Eventually, you’ll be able to do most of this with just your keyboard! Create your first keyframes and use the graph editor to adjust to taste.

This is the first thing I learned how to create in Adobe AE CC. It’s one of the reasons we decided to stick with the name. Techniques like these allow you to come up with complex ideas down the line.

This ‘novelty’ guide marks the beginning of our new Resources page.

Perhaps you are at university studying film. Maybe you are a self taught video shooter or aspiring animator. We’re tired of googling problems and reading more adverts than information. Even though we are primarily a production company, we wanted to introduce a brand new resources page with the option to look for any tips, tutorials, project breakdowns and inspiration for your own work.

Here’s a small search engine you can use just for your field of expertise: